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Winter 2018

I’m relatively new to Rhode Island and haven’t slipped my boat in many marinas, but I’ve seen enough to know that our docks are some of the best maintained docks anywhere. That’s because a dedicated group of members works to ensure that our docks stay in great shape. If you drive by Stillhouse Cove on Saturday mornings between November and April, you’re likely to see them out on the docks working.

This year, I’m privileged to lead this group as the newly elected Fleet Captain. I can already see that this will be a big, important job. I can also see that I will have a lot of help and support from a core of talented, Anchorage Committee members, from P.J. Labbe (the immediate past Fleet Captain), Commodore Saccoccio and a number of other long-time members. I want to thank you all.

Over the coming Saturday’s, as weather permits, we will be replacing worn sections of C-Dock and several old slip fingers. Work on the dock sections has already begun. If you’re interested and can spare a few hours on a Saturday, please contact me and I will email you the work party schedule. You don’t need to be a master builder or mechanic to help. Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated. If you’re relatively new to the Club, working with the Anchorage Committee is a great way to meet other members and make new friends. And, there will be coffee and donuts waiting for you.

During the week, I’m an administrator at the University of Rhode Island, working to bring funding to support research by the faculty and students. On most Saturday mornings from now until April, you can find me on the docks working with the Anchorage Committee. Once the boating season begins though, you can often find me on Sedna, my C&C 25.  For the members I haven’t yet met, I look forward to meeting you this year.

Thank you,

Michael Katz, Fleet Captain

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